who we are


Cassandra Lam



Chef Lizzy Singh-Brar

Co-Founder / Head Chef

Cassandra and her Mom, Mama Lam launched Mama Lam’s in 2016 to introduce Malaysian flavors to NYC with Mama Lam’s signature curry paste and hot sauce.  Mama Lam taught her how to produce her recipes and she has stocked their products in 100+ stores in NYC and sold thousands of jars at holiday markets as well as farmers markets in the local area. 

Multicultural chef Lizzy Singh-Brar has been cooking in New York City restaurants since the early 2000s. Australian-born, Lizzy is of Indian and Polish descent. A former Chopped contestant, Lizzy sold her restaurant in 2017, and has since dedicated herself to teaching, catering, and working as a private chef.

Together, they came together to create a curry laksa using Mama Lam’s curry paste.